Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr.Romero (Empire Of The Sun)

Jamie (Character Development)

Have you ever heard the terms rags to riches? Well in this movie it’s the opposite, Rich to rags. Maybe you have been called a spoil rotten brat, or had to make a difficult decision between two very different but equally important things. Not you? Jamie from “Empire of the Sun” goes through all these changes.
You hear about celebs going from rags to riches, but Jamie is no celebrity. Jamie dad was very rich; they lived in Japan, in a mansion with a pool. Jamie had everything he ever wanted, but then it all backed fire. One day Jamie and his family were taking a lovely drive, when Jamie was separated from his family. In that quick instant Jamie went from eating calamari to eating floor potatoes with weevils on them. He went from nice shoes to taking dead people shoes. Eventually Jamie becomes rich again, but I bet Jamie will think twice about that old homeless man outside his mansion.

“But, you have to do what I say”, that’s what Jamie said to his Japanese maid after she told him that his mother will not approve, so he took the snack. If that’s not a brat I don’t know what is. After he separate from his family, he went back to his mansion, only to find that same maid “cleaning out” his home. When he thought he found comfort he got smacked into next week. That was being a spoil rotten brat and treating her like a dog. I’m sure after the war he became a non-selfish, grateful boy.
Hmmmm “to be or not to be…that is the question” Jamie had to make a slightly harder decision. He had to choose between The United Sates of America and Japan. Jamie was British but lived in Japan. The Japanese were attacking the Americans and the Americans were attacking the Japanese. So of course Jamie was confused. If he had to choose I think he would have chosen the Americans not just because of the “Cadillac of the Sky” but because they were fighting to get those people out and sent him food.

So, maybe you haven’t been through all these changes, but Jamie did. Jamie went from riches to rags; then rich again, a spoil rotten brat and a difficult decision that will change his life for ever.

Service Learning So Far!.....WHAT A DRAG =(*

During this service learning project I was frustrated about one thing. When my group was selling ice-cream and water-ice, it was so hectic down in the lunchroom. The ice-cream sandwiches were selling well but the water-ice was a different story. Since the water-ice is hard, it takes a long time to scoop out. With the ice cream sandwiches all you have to do is pass them out. With water-ice it takes a little more time, that’s what people fail to realize and to be patient; you know patients’ is a virtue.
My indecision was, well it wasn’t just my indecision, but my whole group, we was deciding whether or not we should do another sell, but we decided on doing another one, which is great.
Our greatest success was making a little over $100, or first time and got some books. The doubt that I had was if we were going to make enough money and we did!
During this project, I learned that there are children who is really sick and need help. There are some children that live in the hospital, and they just really need help. And CONSTITUTION HIGH SCHOOL IS HERE TO HELP!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Service Learning 5/09/08

I wasn't here on Friday even though it was MY BIRTHDAY!! But I heard that my service learning group made over $100 in fundraising, selling ice-cream. I heard that the students were rushing to get some ice cream (I SCREAM FOR ICE-CREAM). I think we should do it again. Also I think this is a great experience for our group and it's all for a good cause, the children at C.H.O.P.

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